Serpent Mound: Accessing Power

March 14th, 2014

Happy Flower Essence Friday, and happy pi day! For those who have been feeling overwhelmed or powerless lately, here’s an essence that helps us to access our power by helping us to align with the Creator within each of us.

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Serpent Mound

The ancients understood electricity as a cosmic, universal and spiritual force.

And their directive use of its power was through community channeling, through ceremony, dance, prayer and intentional, focused thought waves that influenced the elements around them.  Identifying geophysical power points on the Earth’s grid and astrological alignments were crucial to insure ample current to teleport from world to world, move giant rocks along grind lines and create sometimes dramatic Earth alterations as in the massive implosion found at the mouth of the giant serpent in southeast Ohio known as Serpent Mound.

There is very little fact known about the thousands of Earth structures found (and now mostly destroyed by early farming settlers) throughout the New World except that they were perfect in geological alignment with both Earth math and the astrological significance.  Native Americans tended them with ceremony and respect but acknowledged that they were there prior to their arrival.  The Serpent Mound reconstructed on its original site still holds both geological and astrological significance though its Earthly connecting grid lines have been erased or disempowered.

Snow was falling and there was not a visitor in sight the morning this powerful essence was made. Sitting in the center of the coil of the snake’s tail, the essence validates our own connection to creative power and our right to impregnate the Earth with our will forces.

The Serpent Mound essence advocates alignment with our Divine potency and allows us the confidence to use this power abundantly in our relationships and impact construction around us. This is the essence for those who have been somehow afraid of their own power, unsure of its right use or whether they have the wisdom to contain the fire energy of power in constructive rather than destructive ways. Balancing the emotional will, the essence allows for a release of one’s self-destructive impulses which cause one to feel confusion about whether or not one has the wisdom and maturity to use such power wisely. Living a physical life requires impact. Our challenge is to balance our innate destruction with loving constructive or creative forces. Everywhere one treads one impacts and destroys at some level. Microorganisms knit the physical grids of all natural places to harmonic perfection well beyond our human capacity to analyze or understand. Yet as the deer crashes through the woods and eats the life-giving bark off of the birch tree, we have a right to be here and to experience our power even when we make mistakes. The Serpent Mound essence influences our ability to move the wisdom of Creator in a balanced manner through our power centers, activating our true energy to participate in co-creation while releasing our fears of our own potential for power flow.

As we align our energies with the strength of the God force or Great Spirit within us we become the powerful manifestors we were meant to be, encircling the Earth with a new grid of Divine Human consciousness, peacefully and wisely using our innate access to power to strengthen the life force in all ways and to powerfully co-create waves of eternal healing.

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Chamomile: Nap from Worries

October 25th, 2013

Happy Flower Essence Friday, once again, everyone! This fall is flying by in a blur of crisp winds and colorful leaves! For those of you who have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with work or school or just a hectic daily life, today’s flower essence Friday offering is for you.

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Chamomile flower essence helps to ease conditions of tension or inflammation, especially when they are held in the upper chakras.  Chamomile promotes a deep, trusting breath that reassures one that all is well.  It helps one to release toxic or painful  emotions by simply releasing the tension around them, tension that has kept these emotions locked into our energy fields and that can be responsible for depression, worry, or grief.

Chamomile essence is a sweet expression of inner sun and quiet radiance.  It offers one a nap from worries, while restoring consciousness to a place of peace and equilibrium.  When this inner light is restored, we can then act calmly and clearly, making decisions that support peace in our lives.

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Chickweed: Cross & Crabby

October 4th, 2013

Happy first Friday of October! For those of us who have been feeling a little bitter about life, Chickweed is here to gracefully balance those feelings with its sunshine.

In other news, Great Lakes Sacred Essences is proud to be hosting a weekend of teachings! The presentations will be on Friday, October 11th from 7pm-9pm, and Sunday, October 13th from 2pm-4pm. For more information, check out the classes/events page on our website, or visit our facebook events page.




Chickweed essence addresses the grumpy, cross, cantankerous spirit that can reside within even the best-natured soul, given the right conditions.  What tends to be at the bottom of these emotions is a feeling of being cheated, slighted, or unrecognized for our efforts.  Chickweed is a tiny plant that spreads thick in lawns, gardens and parks.  As an herb, it detoxifies the blood and dissolves plaque in blood vessels; as a flower essence, Chickweed helps to reduce the inflammation of a bruised ego and to relax the tensions one feels around issues of inequity.

Chickweed essence helps one to release negative, contrary feelings by opening us up to embrace supportive community.  This essence opens us to a deeper understanding of our actions and words in the world that may be responsible for our feelings to begin with.  It is hard to offer loving support to a family member or friend when we fear the lashes of their irritable, testy or prickly emotions.  It is better to stay our distance.

Chickweed essence teaches us to release our need to quarrel with the world and helps us to relax enough that others can offer their support.  As grace returns to the emotions, life can be experienced again with humor and a sunny disposition.

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Love-in-a-Mist: Supports the Spiritual Gift

September 27th, 2013

It’s Flower Essence Friday, once again! Apologies for the hiatus, but we’re back with our weekly posts for the fall. Today’s essence, Love-in-a-Mist, is the most recent addition to our ever-growing collection of stock essences. This flower essence was made in mid-July and it has been up on our website for about a month now, so if you haven’t gotten the chance to see it yet, today’s a great time to take a look!

In other news, Merri is hosting her Sacred Geography of the Great Lakes Region class tomorrow, Saturday 28 from 10am to 3pm. It’s not too late to sign up! Email us at for more info, or just show up tomorrow morning! Check in begins tomorrow at 9:30am.


Fine knots of flower lace surround the delicate periwinkle blue of the Love-in-a-Mist flowers.  The flower face is exceptional, mesmerizing in its intricacies.  Love-in-a-Mist bestows a field that will project its power into the world in spiky rays while shielding the inner secrets of sacred knowledge in a protective maze of mystery.

Innate gifts and healing abilities often come at a cost to the beholder.  Explaining one’s spiritual or intuitive experiences may be complicated, and it is unfortunately commonplace for one’s differences to be completely misunderstood by others.  It is hard to communicate “specialness” in a world of conformity where there is little understanding or respect for the indigo or sensitive.  Worry over how others may perceive or reject one’s gifts or mastery may cause one to hide or downplay abilities.  The need to feel loved and accepted as “normal” may result in an uneventful life where one’s true capacities remain undiscovered or undeveloped.

We live in a culture that does not honor intuition, nurture the senses, trust the visionary, or respect the clairvoyant.  Because of this, the lessons and wisdom that have been handed down from generation to generation since ancient times remain lost to a society that is drowning in the mundane and sadly missing the spiritual magic of this incredibly beautiful Earth and ignoring our spiritual challenge to evolve to higher states of Divine Consciousness.  And so, some of the most gifted and highly evolved souls walk the Earth misunderstood and unsupported, their abilities neglected and often sadly unused.

Love-in-a-Mist surrounds the sensitive soul with courage and heart strength. Encouraging self acceptance, the essence also works to energetically prepare one for the responsibilities that come with abilities.  The essence opens and purifies the throat chakra, which offers increased clarity to communicate spiritual experience and to express physic abilities effectively in the real world. With this support, one’s true capabilities can be honed and increased in potency for healing and service to the community.

Protective in all ways, the flower works to nurture and enhance spiritual gifts and sensitivities.  The essence, taken over time, helps one to feel more confident and less concerned about the perceptions and judgements of others.


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Moonflower: Abandonment

July 12th, 2013

Hello all, and happy Flower Essence Friday again! For those out there who are suffering from the wounds of rejection or betrayal, Moonflower essence offers its grace and connection to the Angelic world to heal and transform you.

Moonflower is an essence that supports the heart in healing deep wounds of abandonment, rejection, or betrayal. This essence penetrates deep to the core of the self where self-identity retreats during times of personal crisis. It is here that we find the sacred self, and Moonflower essence helps to hold space and protection for the innocence and healing of our being.

When the heart is open, it is a clear love and purity that are allowed to pour forth from a deep-soul trust that this will be reflected back in the form of acceptance and universal support. If this trust is broken, the soul pain can be consuming, as something fundamental to one’s sacred identity has been violated.

Moonflower teaches the soul graceful unfoldment as it helps reestablish trust and stability at one’s core. It does this by connecting the self to something much stronger and more meaningful than the ego or personality — the intelligence and protection of the Angelic world.

Through this deep connection with forces stronger and more significant than personal pain, the soul is able to transform and transcend its bitter wounds and establish the deep vessel required to rebirth the self as a transcendent being to be able to transform ego’s need for recognition and reflect a larger archetype — that of the Divine.


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Council Cottonwood: Democracy

July 5th, 2013

Happy Flower Essence Friday! In honor of Independence Day, today’s essence is all about democracy and finding the power to voice your opinion, be it to your family, your friends, or to your society.

Holding space for Peace through negotiation for over two centuries, the Council Tree in western Colorado stands 85 feet tall and 7 feet in diameter. A gathering point for tribal discussions, it was here Chief Ouray and his wife, Chipeta, made a peace agreement with pioneer settlers.

The Council Cottonwood essence gifts to us now this courage to move from one’s feelings of powerlessness in our own families, communities, and governments to a willingness to stand up and voice one’s opinion… then to become actively involved in problem-solving issues of disparity or dispute.

This essence supports one’s ability to negotiate needs from a place of compassionate investment in an equitable result that helps to bring the situation to a place of harmony for everyone involved. Rooting one in a willingness to negotiate on the head-to-head issues that inevitably crop up in every communal situation, the essence helps to strengthen the emotional body of those who are disinclined to engage in situations of conflict, reflecting feelings of inadequacy or reluctance to put forth the energy required to hold one’s space in contentious situations. Council Cottonwood essence offers resolve and confidence to meet one’s competition with the sword of Truth and the shield of Justice and Objectivity.

In order for democracy to work within families, classrooms, community, or government, the members of that community must be willing to voice an opinion and then to commit to the process of meditation, decision, and action. The Council Cottonwood essence can help to generate within one the energy needed to work through community conflict and find the common ground for peaceful settlement.

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Lake Superior Storm: Sensitives

June 28th, 2013

Once again, happy Flower Essence Friday everyone! I know it’s been too long since our last post, so here’s a good one, especially for those of us who have been experiencing energetic burnout, or perhaps just the incredible stormy weather we’ve been having here in Ann Arbor.

Lake Superior Storm essence was made during a thunderstorm over Lake Superior. The essence was out all night as the thunder roared and the lightning flashed, mostly horizontally, across the sky. The prayers and the essence bowl stayed out till dawn, when morning light arrived peacefully to calm waters.

We had watched storms forming over this lake for a day and a night. If you paid attention, you could see the first etheric patterns that shaped off the Lake and formed the calling for the clouds’ and water’s play. Then the magnetic shift occurred that called the electrical currents to illuminate dark skies with brilliant flashes of energy.

Lake Superior Storm essence supports those who are prone to experience electrical burnout. It is especially helpful to sensitives, who experience their surroundings expansively and are unable to release the negative emotions and multiple impressions of their daily lives and work.

The Lake acts as a giant mirror to reflect back the negative and to illuminate the release of impure impression. The massive electrical storm then clears the aura, especially the horizontal patterns that have accumulated and are causing static because of their linear nature. As the old patterns are cleared and released, morning dawns peacefully, and we are able to experience grounding equilibrium and the clear and charged energy of restored balance and grace.

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Cleavers: Attachment, Bonding

May 17th, 2013

Hello all Flower Essence Friday readers! I know it has been a few weeks since our last post, so I do hope this one satisfies all who have been patiently waiting.

Cleavers, also known as Bedstraw, has prickly stems that grow from two to six feet in length and stick or cleave to clothing. Its small white flowers produce those multiple tiny round burrs that can take an hour to pick out of your sweater or your pet’s fur.

As an essence, Cleavers supports attachment and appropriate bonding. We live in a time where many natural life processes and relationships are stressed by circumstances beyond our control. Babies are born into dramatic and complex medical emergencies. Spouses are often required to experience job-related separations. Children become alienated from busy parents. The Cleavers essence teaches attachment. It helps the heart to reach out and hold on to the loving relationships in our lives. Cleavers brings new energy to the limbs so that they may hold and nurture. As our hearts reconnect and the tapestry of our relationships is rewoven, we are able to see its importance to our human experience. We begin to feel supported by our relationships as we give our love and support.

Cleavers essence then supports the recognition that these love bonds will hold on and be with us no matter where we travel or what stresses interfere with natural bonding instincts: for nurtured love lives on, and it is our desire and need to hold, to cherish, and to cleave each other for strength, love, and companionship on these rocky roads.


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Sweet Annie: Change & Transition

April 26th, 2013

Life’s transitions are often very challenging. It can be easy to feel lost or abandoned during times of change, and it is important to remember that there is always support. So, for this Flower Essence Friday, let Sweet Annie remind you of the loving support it is offering.

We cannot always clearly see all possible options in a given situation or understand how or why we are in the situation to begin with. Often it is only in retrospect that we understand the reasons and the lessons that needed to be learned from dramatic shifts.

Sweet Annie essence supports consciousness and an ability to respond to new currents and impulses with an open heart and sensitive understanding. It opens the mind to hear the voices of our destiny that can offer compassionate options to emotionally charged situations. It reminds us that there are many unseen beings that cause motion all around us, changing our paths and perceptions each day. This essence helps us to align with our purpose. It helps our relationships unfold with grace and wisdom.

To step forward in trust when the ground beneath us is quaking is indeed an act of faith. Sweet Annie essence offers a hand to hold through the changing seasons. It reminds us of the great love and support that is here for us, love that will remain steadfast and strong through all the episodes of our human dramas.

Like a listening ear, a sympathetic touch, or a knowing look, this essence helps us to hold our pain in a place of deep understanding where we can address our feelings –– such as loss or abandonment –– with great wisdom and strength. Then from this place of strength we can move forward in peace and trust, knowing that love is eternal, and, although we are not able to see our destiny, we can trust that when we act from this faithful space we will find our way through. Whatever the current trauma, we emerge wiser, clearer, and more compassionate –– able to embrace a new destiny with a clearer understanding of God’s will and purpose in our lives.


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Valerian: Sweet Dreams

April 12th, 2013

It’s kind of a groggy Flower Essence Friday here. April can’t seem to decide whether or not to let go of its winter chill yet, and the sky only seems willing to reflect its overcast mood. On days like today, it’s important to remember to clear away the grey skies in ourselves before lying down to rest for the night. And so Valerian is here to help ease tension and free our minds from worries so we can enjoy the tranquility of sweet dreams.

The Valerian essence offers us grace and serenity…..
a deep contemplative breath
and the exhale of true Peace.
To walk among these tall beautiful sweet-smelling flowers
is intoxicating.
The Valerian begs you to lay upon the Earth
and breathe deep her sacred scent.
The Peace she brings
is a chalice of flowering nectar,
a timeless Joy
and a chance to know the wonder of a walk with the Creator.

This essence
supports the divine presence of Peace in our daily lives.
It holds the sacred space of the Heart
and can comfort the soul
after a modern day’s journey.

Restful pleasure in the Dream World
comes with this essence.
Coupled with Yellow Dock,
this remedy holds exactly what one’s physical body
is in need of at the resting time.

Valerian stands tall and strong
at its time of flower.
Growing quickly,
it towers above all else in the Spring garden.
A purifying white color
at almost eye level,
it soothes the mind
into tranquility and an ability to release
the day’s unfinished and unneeded messages for the dream time.
Valerian dream
has an Angelic quality of lightness.
Dissipating tension and preparation for the next day’s journey
are the assignments of a Valerian sleep.

Disconnecting from the previous day’s activities and entanglements
of the mind and body
are tall orders in this day and age.
We have forgotten a Universal Law
hidden in the dogmas of religious forgiveness.
Held deep within each of our cells
is the release button
that is interconnected with each and every cell in our bodies.
Triggered by the diminishing Light at Sunset
these buttons do automatically
open the gate of each day’s tension.
Similar to the signaling of a homeopathic remedy
to the body to be well and self-heal
does the opening
allow releases of any and all of the day’s ills and disease of emote.
With a voiced intonation and prayerful respect
we can connect these automatic releases
and dream them away.
We were never meant
to carry the previous day’s inconsiderations and happenings of woe
to the next.

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