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About Great Lakes Sacred Essences

Robin and Merri
Robin and Merri Walters, director
Great Lakes Sacred Essences, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, lovingly and prayerfully creates flower essences, predominantly from the Great Lakes region but not exclusively so; produces a variety of products that are premium-quality, healthful, and feature the flower essences; and distributes those products. Great Lakes Sacred Essences also teaches about flower essences and serves as an ally and advocate for flower essence makers.

The flower essences of Great Lakes Sacred Essences are co-created by holistic health practitioner Merri Walters with intuitive guidance from Nature and the support of her husband, Robin Grosshuesch.  The entire collection includes approximately 200 distinct essences—of flowers, bodies of water, and other forms of Nature.  The essences have been made in Michigan, along the Great Lakes, and at sacred sites throughout the United States and Canada.  For its first line of publicly available products, Great Lakes Sacred Essences offers carefully chosen combinations of these essences. Each combination essence offers support for common challenges, for example, supporting spiritual and emotional harmony during holidays, recovering from stress and overwork, and easing difficult relationships.  Great Lakes Sacred Essences also offers classes oriented to the combination essences and the ways that we can bring joy and balance into our lives.

In addition to the activities already mentioned, Merri and Robin’s vision for Great Lakes Sacred Essences includes the creation of a school to offer training not only to essence makers and practitioners, but to regular folk:  parents, teachers, social workers, farmers, animal healers, and more.  A small community of nurturing, creative people have committed their hearts and hands to help bring this vision into the world.  

essences Here is a link to our 2011 Catalog (in PDF format). Please see the catalog to learn more about flower essences, our products, and the Great Lakes Sacred Essences project.

About Merri Walters

Merri Walters

Merri Walters
Read her Crazy Wisdom interview.

Over more than 30 years as a holistic health practitioner, Merri Walters has cared for humans, animals, and plants in a myriad of conditions, and she has amassed thousands of remedies to facilitate their healing.  She honors the spiritual energy and intelligence that is working through her and only considers herself a good listener and interpreter of this energy.  Her deep connection to and love for nature, the earth, and the human and animal kingdoms propels her to work continuously to promote holistic approaches not only to the health of our bodies but to the health of our emotions, our soul, and our societal and environmental well-being. She believes that holistic health entails a healing of the whole; all things are holy and must ultimately be addressed, loved, and restored to a harmonious state or at some level we will all still be sick.  As a tool in our holistic health medicine box, Merri believes we may have nothing more profound than the gift of flower essences that can gently change deeply rooted emotional patterns and pains.